The School of Forest Resources & Conservation would like to express our deepest gratitude for the generous and ongoing support of our alumni, faculty, staff, and friends in helping us realize the vision of the Learning Center at the Austin Cary Forest. We are proud to recognize everyone who has contributed to this significant undertaking. We could not have done it without you.

Learning Center Dedicators

Deepest gratitude to the family of Roland T. Stern for naming the Learning Center.

Learning Center Founders

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Learning Center Leaders

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Learning Center Patrons

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Learning Center Builders

Albright, Craig N. and Fawn
Albright, Thomas B. and Evelyn
B K Cypress Log Homes, Inc.
Baker, Terry T.
Bennett, William M. and Lillian M.
BioResource Management, Inc.
Blakeslee, George M. and Lynn B.
Boggess, Anthony and Anna
Braddock, Thomas H. and Mary J.
Branch, Mike and Julie
Clyatt, John and Ghia
Coastal Plywood Company
Cochran, Dick and Karyl
Cochran Forest Products
Dantzler, Inc.
Davidson, Jib A. and Teresa and Norman I. and Wanda McRae
Davis, John M.
Driskell, Greg and Martina
Ewel, Kathy and Jack
F4 Tech
Farm Credit of Florida
Florida Division, Southeastern Society of American Foresters
Florida Surveying and Mapping Society, Inc.
Geier, Billy
Gray, Paul N.
Harrell, Jr., William Cuy
Hill, Harold J. and Norma F.
Horan, Norma K.
Hyatt, Russell and Pam and Hyatt Survey Services, Inc.
International Forest Company
J.D. Timberlands, Inc.
Jamestown Timber
Johns & Conner, Inc. and Charles and Lena Johns
Jokela, Eric and Ria Leonard
Kidd, Paul D. (Dave) and Margaret
Kirst, Matias and Mariana
LeBleu, Charlene and Dennis
Legare, Donna and Jody Walthall
Longino, B. T. “Buster” and Jane
MacKay, Bill
Martin, Tim and Cindy
McKain, Hugh (Bob) and Shirley
In Memory of Juanita Mikell
Monroe, Martha and Tom Harris
Nair, P. K. and Vimala
Nature Coast Timber LLC – Jim and Winston Bailey
Osmose, Inc.
Packaging Corporation of America
Poole, Sam and Margaret
Reeves, Brianne R. S.
Resource Management Service
REX Lumber
Robbins Manufacturing Company
Rockwood, Donald and Joanne
Sager, Julie and Scott
Simmons, Dan and Alice
Smith, Joel and Polly
St. Joe Timberland Company
Stern, Roland and Lucinda
Sunbelt Forest Products Corp.
Suwannee Lumber Company, LLC
Colonel Bob Swinford
Timberland Investment Resources, LLC
Ward, Seth and Cierra
Woodward III, Robert D. and Elaine Tully Woodward

Learning Center Supporters

Arny Pi-Sunyer, Nancy
BASF Corporation
Beauchamp, Gary and Nancy
Bloyd, Stephanie and Larry
Bollinger, Roger and Janie
Bond, Ludie
Burns, Suzie and Ali
Cantrell, Rick and Pat Layton
Carnevale, M.J. and Shannon (McGee)
Cato, Becky and Jim
Cleckley, Bill and Mary
Connell, Amos and Shirley
Crapps, III, Claude
Crapps, David K. and Lee Y.
Cropper, Wendell and Patti Anderson
DeGrow, Terry and Gloria
Dicks, Steven and Lynn
Dow AgroSciences
Duryea, Dorothy and Charles
Duryea, Suzanne
Fitzgerald, Susan M.
Forestry Resources, Inc.
Garrett, Fred W.
Gator Timber & Land, LLC
Geiger, Elwood and Marilyn
Gorden, Rich
Griggs, Karin L.
Griner, Ken and Lynetta Usher, Usher Land & Timber, Inc.
Haines, Frederick and Ingrid
Heeke, Bob and Janet
Hinton, Steven W. and Charlene M.
Huffman, Jacob B.
Jack, Steve and Babs
Jacobson, Sue and Marshall
Jones, Olivia and Jack
Kainer, Karen and Jonathan Dain
Kelly, L. Michael
Kestrel Ecological Services
Kromer, L. Phillip
Lante, Winnie
Lauretta, Matthew and Sarah
Leonard, Hayes and Hester
Lewis, David and Ramona
Lewis, Don and Susan
Long, Alan and Sheryl
Maggard, Adam O.
McElwain, William and Aleta
McGrath, Deborah A. and C. Ken Smith
Montgomery, Jennifer and Ed
Mott, Paul and Carole
Natural Resources Leadership Institute Project Team, Class XIII
Olympic Transport Inc.
Park, George and Arlene
Pattee, Don and Teresa
Peter, Gary and Joy
Powell, Greg and Debbie
Pritchett Trucking Inc.
Renison, Tom
Rilling, Randy and Anne
Rundorff, Jim and Terry
Sadowski, Ethan and Laura
Schimel, Susan D.
Seely, Clark and Adenia
Shiver, Joseph and Cythe and Shiver Forestry
Smith, Erick
Society of American Foresters, Caribbean Chapter
Strickland, Marvin and Betty Jo
Swett, Bob and Maria
The Children, Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren of Kenneth Swinford
Tamaddoni Jahromi, Siroos and Paula
West, Don
White, Antonio
White, Dorothy and Jamie Jenkins
Wood, Larry and Mary
Ziegler, Miriam M. and Thomas O. Baldwin

Learning Center Helpers

Andreu, M.G. and Family
Black, Mary Jo in memory of Hazle I. Danner
Bowen, William C.
Buschbacher, Robert and Margareth
Croft, Bryan
Denny, Christine and John
Dreaden, Tyler and Jenny
Duff, Ann Hutchinson
Ensminger, Diane and Frank Spirek
Eubanks, Roger and Judith
Furr, Jeffrey and Lynn
Gholz, Henry and Jan Engert
Gifford, Angela and Ben
Gilly, Steve and June
Godwin, David and Katie
Goldstein, Harvey
Harper, Betty and Scott Sheeder
Haynes, Charles W. “Woody” and Carolyn
Helmers, Jim and Mary
Hill, Bruce and Joan
Jib A. and Teresa Davidson and Norman I. and Wanda McRae
Klapproth, Michael and Julia
LaPorte, Ryan and Kimberly
Lauramore, Dawnette
Lowrimore, Steve and Laura
Moltzen, Roberta and Craig Thomson
Mowbray, Bob
Parker, Charles and Nancy
Peterson, Nancy and Jerry Culen
Pollard, Matthew and Rhiannon
Rath, Jim and Maureen
Rifai, Susan and Abdalla
Rockwell, Bill, Society of American Foresters
Rose, Janice Caspersen
Salvador and Emma
Sheehan, Gerald and Judy
Shipley, Doug
Staples, Dick
Stein, Taylor and Heidi
Warner, Gary and Aven
Williams, Norris and Nancy
Wood, William F. (Bill) and Dorothy
Yanong, Roy in memory of Greg Vermeer