Green Anole

Anolis carolinensis

The Green Anole is common in natural and suburban habitats through the state. This lizard is an excellent climber and uses its claw-tipped toes with adhesive toe pads to climb high into the forest canopy. Although not a true chameleon (chameleons are native to Africa and Madagascar) Green Anoles can quickly change from bright green to dull brown. Males have a pink throat fan, called a dewlap, that they extend while perched on a tree branch or fence. Florida is home to many species of introduced anole lizards, but the Green Anole is our only native species. Adults grow to 5-8 inches long. Invasive Brown Anoles displace native Green Anoles higher into trees and even prey upon baby Green Anoles.

Photo credit: Dr. Steve A. Johnson, University of Florida


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