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Three ways to get your identification:


Phone photoOption 1: Post your question on the Forum, with photos

This is the quickest way, and usually sufficient for common issues. Photos taken with your phone are usually fine. The Forum is FREE!

Add alt text hereOption 2: Send a sample

To get a definitive answer, or to diagnose cryptic pests or diseases, you may need to send the insect or a piece of the tree. Visual ID: FREE. Disease ID fees follow the UF Plant Disease Clinic: culturing $40, DNA analysis $75. Details here.

Add alt text hereOption 3: Site visit

We will be happy to diagnose your forest issue at your location. This may be necessary in unusual cases. Please call the appropriate specialist for an appointment. $40 base charge & $0.445/mile.

  How to pay:

Please send a check, payable to the University of Florida, to:
UF-SFRC Forest Health Diagnostics
attn. Jiri Hulcr
PO Box 110410
Gainesville, FL 32611

IFAS County Faculty: forest health diagnostics is FREE for you. Your clients may be charged.

Forest Health News

Is the Southern Pine Beetle coming back? See video from Ponte Vedra (Aug 22)

The Emerald Ash Borer has entered the South - now killing ashes in N Georgia. (Aug 22)

New disease on oaks in Florida: Diplodia corticola (August, 2011)

How to contact the specialist you need: