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We are here to help identify pests and diseases in your forest, and to recommend a solution!

We are a group of forest health specialists at the University of Florida/IFAS. We guarantee fast and accurate forest pest and disease diagnostics for Florida and the South East.

How do you get your answer? Check out the Forest Health Forum or send a sample. We can also visit your location. More information and pricing here.

Note: If you are interested in fruit, ornamental, or other non-tree health issues, please consult either the UF Plant Disease Clinic or the UF Insect ID lab.

Forest Health News

Is the Southern Pine Beetle coming back? See video from Ponte Vedra (Aug 22)

The Emerald Ash Borer has entered the South - now killing ashes in N Georgia. (Aug 22)

New disease on oaks in Florida: Diplodia corticola (August, 2011)