FCAT-like Prompts

Florida PLT outdoor activityMany teachers and administrators are concerned that their curriculum prepares students to score well on the Florida Comprehensive Achievement Tests (FCAT). PLT activities are well suited to assist this goal in several ways:

  1. Many PLT activities help students practice reading, writing and math skills.
  2. Most PLT activities address science benchmarks, helping teachers address those standards.
  3. All PLT activities have excellent discussion questions that enable teachers to engage students in higher order thinking skills.

In addition, PLT activities can be a springboard to additional exercises that mimic FCAT-type questions.

The following are examples of FCAT-like prompts that were designed for 28 PLT activities. These prompts did not come from the official Department of Education FCAT office but are merely examples.

Prompts can be used after a PLT Activity has been completed to assist in evaluating what the student learned. Or prompts can be printed out in placed in folders to use as stations in the classroom.

To learn more about the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards for Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science go to PLT Activities and Sunshine State Correlations page.

Grades K - 2 Prompts

Grade 3 Prompts

Grades 4 - 5 Prompts

Grades 6 - 8 Prompts

Grades 9- 12 Prompts

*Prompts provided by the Pelotes Island Nature Preserve, JEA & FPL