Workshop Materials-For PLT Trainers

New Workshop Forms

Please submit your forms at least one month prior to your workshop date.

Please let us know if you are unable to supply these forms at your workshop. We can send copies to you with your workshop materials.

Contacts to Help Facilitators

PLT Curriculum and Training Requirements Table

Table of all PLT Curriculum and Training Requirements

Workshop Agendas in MS Word

You can use these agendas as they are, pick and chose elements from each, or create your own!

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Hike Through the Guides

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PowerPoint Presentations

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Additional Materials

Sponsorship Packet

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Sustainable Forestry Initiative Standards

For the complete SFI 2010-2014 Requirements and other information regarding the SFI program, go to

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Marketing Materials

Workshop Flyer Templates in MS Word

The following templates were designed for facilitators to modify to best fit your needs. Contact Florida PLT Central for assistance in tailoring flyers to your audience.

Informational Handouts

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Outreach Events

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