School of Forest Resources & Conservation

Natural Resource Conservation

The NRC Major

Are you interested in a career that makes a difference to people and the environment?

Check out the Natural Resource Conservation (NRC) major in the School of Forest Resources and Conservation at UF’s College of Agricultural and Life Sciences.

NRC students build their own curriculum along with a faculty advisor who shares similar interests. NRC curricula can vary from very focused and specific to broad and multi-disciplinary depending on the students' interests and career goals.

The NRC curriculum is built upon the following five core courses that all NRC students are required to complete:

•FNR3131C Dendrology/Forest Plants
•FNR4040C Natural Resource Communication
•FNR3410C Natural Resource Sampling
•FNR4660C Natural Resource Policy & Administration
•FNR4623C Integrated Natural Resource Management

These courses are designed to give students a broad understanding of natural resources, their management, and the policies that influence management activities. Students should follow the instructions outlined in the Curriculum Plan form (below) to develop their individual plan of study.

Pre-2012 Curriculum Plan

2012 Curriculum Plan

Students interested in environmental education may wish to utilize the Biology teacher certification or environmental education individualized program.



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