Our current research projects include:

Developing and restoring landscapes with laurel-wilt tolerant native Persea species

Host-pathogen interactions in the laurel wilt pathosystem

Etiology of dieback and decline of rare conifers in New Caledonia

Ganoderma biology and taxonomy in North America

Phylogeography of host susceptibility in laurel wilt and Dutch elm disease

Biology and management of canker disease of the endangered conifer Florida torreya (Torreya taxifolia)

Biology and management of Diplodia canker of live oaks in Florida

Epidemiology and influence of host stress on Diplodia blight of slash pine in central Florida

Pine health in the future: discovering biological drivers of disease ecology in a changing climate

Etiology and management of needle blight outbreak on loblolly pine in northern Mississippi

Breeding and selection of Populus germplasm suitable for bioenergy in subtropical climates