from the field to the lab

The real scoop on Torreya taxifolia Our work with Florida torreya continues, but many questions remain.

Laurel wilt and Native American Culture

Here is a nice article and editorial written by the Seminole chairman, Jim Billie in the Seminole Tribune about laurel wilt. Our research efforts are mentioned in the article.  

New paper out on role of Diplodia corticola and oak decline.

Our lab has been working on Diplodia cankers of oak caused by D. corticola and D. quercivora. Here is a new paper on the role of D. corticola in decline of Holm oak (Quercus ilex) in Europe.

Interesting new story on Chernobyl and forest health…

Check out this story.. Photo credits:  T.A.Mousseau & A.P. Møller for Jason