Plum Creek

April 16th 2013

Plum Creek’s Florida Team has a wealth of experience in forest management, wood fiber merchandising and land management and we are innovators in environmental stewardship and wildlife habitat conservation.

In their own words:

Appreciation for natural resources and support of conservation require first-hand experiences. We are excited to help provide students and other visitors a hands-on opportunity to learn about North Florida forests.
Rose Fagler, Community Relations Manager for Plum Creek in Florida

Rose Fagler

Greg Galpin, Jack Payne, Todd Powell, Tim White, and Jon Rashleigh with Plum Creek’s generous donation

Rose Fagler

Rose Fagler at the Groundbreaking

Marshall Jacobson

Marshall Jacobson at the Groundbreaking

Marshall and Sue Jacobson

Marshall and Sue Jacobson with Dr. Eric Jokela of SFRC