Forest Resources and Conservation & Natural Resource Conservation Programs

Growing pine trees at a plantation.  
Project Learning Tree youth workshop, learning about tree rings.
Biology, Ecology, Economics, Policy, and Human Dimensions for Management and Conservation of Forests and Natural Resources

Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Dan Johnson is our newest faculty member, joining us as Assistant Professor of Silviculture. Dan’s research focuses on addressing gaps in knowledge about how forests function and respond to change. Whether the change is natural or anthropogenic, he seeks to understand what the outcome of forest dynamics will be to best manage forests for a sustainable future.

Fire Science Study

A new study, led by Drs. Jen Fill and Raelene Crandall examines the relationship between wet and dry season length and the potential for lightning-ignited fires. The researchers found that the dry season was extended – starting earlier and ending later, increasing risk of lightning-ignited fires.  Read the full article at IFAS News >>

Why Our Programs?

Today we face the significant challenge of protecting the environment while maintaining our quality of life. There is a need for professionals who care about the environment, have a broad understanding of natural resources, are creative and enjoy a challenge. If you want to make a difference in the environment and how people interact with it, check out the Forest Resources and Conservation (FRC) major.