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FBRC Graduate Students

Graduated Students

Praveen Subedi, Ph.D. - 2019
Above- and belowground carbon and nutrient dynamics

Priscilla Someda, M.S. - 2019
Incorporating genetics into slash pine growth and yield models

Julio Tobar, M.S. - 2015
Incorporating weather into growth and yield models

Chelsea Drum, Ph.D. - 2015
Soil carbon dynamics

Maxwell Wightman, M.S. - 2014
Loblolly pine water relations in throughfall diversion treatments

Angelica Garcia, M.S. - 2013
Biomass allocation in contrasting loblolly pine clones

Praveen Subedi, M.S. - 2013
Carryover effects in loblolly pine

Brian Roth, Ph.D. - 2010
Growth efficiency of intensively managed loblolly pine families

Ethan Sadowski, M.S. - 2010
Effects of Forest Management on Litter Decompostion among selected Loblolly Pine
(Pinus taeda L.) famlies in Northern Florida

Carlos Gonzalez, Ph.D. - 2009
Multi-scale water relations in southern pines

Xiaobo Li, Ph.D.- 2009
Wood properties of improved loblolly pine in the SE USA

Deoyani Sarkhot, Ph.D.- 2007
Soil organic C, SON and SOP in sandy soils as affected by intensive loblolly pine management in SE U.S.

Liliana Parisi, M.S. - 2006
Shoot elongation patterns and genetic control of height growth in Pinus taeda L. using clonally replicated trials.

Gogce Kayihan, Ph.D. - 2006
Molecular and quantitative genetics of disease resistance.

Veronica Emhart, Ph.D. - 2005
Physiological genetics of contrasting loblolly and slash pine families and clones.

Brian Baltunis, Ph.D. - 2005
Genetic effects of rooting ability and early growth traits in loblolly pine clones.

Douglas Shoemaker, M.S. - 2005
Remote sensing and simulation to estimate forest productivity in southern pine plantations

Corey Stover, M.S. - 2005
A physiological and morphological analysis of the effects of nitrogen supply on the relative growth rates of nine loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.) clones.

Maheteme Gebremedhin, M.S. - 2003
Clonal variation in morphology, water relations and gas exchange parameters in loblolly pine (Pinus taeda) rooted cuttings.

Luis Suau, MFRC - 2002
Aboveground nitrogen accumulation in loblolly pine stands under varying management intensity.

Rob McGarvey, M.S. - 2000
A multi-scale comparison of photosynthetic capacity in fast- and slow-growing families of Pinus elliottii and Pinus taeda.

Yu Xiao, Ph.D. - 2000
Relationship between nutritional traits and early growth strategies of slash and loblolly pine and their F1 hybrids.

Javier Lopez-Upton, Ph.D. - 1999
Early growth, cold hardiness and pest resistance of loblolly pine, slash pine and some pine hybrids.

Karina Peres Gramacho, Ph.D. - 1999
Disease resistance and pathogenic variability in the fusiform rust - slash pine pathosystem.