UF Forest Ecophysiology Lab - Useful Links

Instrument manufacturers

Campbell Scientific - Datalogger manufacturer and distributor of environmental instrumentation.  Site includes downloadable manuals for most of their instruments.

Decagon - Makers of a variety of soil and plant water relations and environmental instruments.  Founded by soil scientist Gaylon Campbell.

Li-Cor - Manufacturers of the Li-6400 photosynthesis system

Omega Engineering - Source for thermocouple wire and related electronics, as well as lots of other interesting gear.

PMS Instrument Company - Maker of pressure chambers for measuring xylem water potential.

Organizations and Institutions

AmeriFlux Network

Florida Forestry Association

Society of American Foresters

Ecological Society of America Physiological Ecology Section - Very useful page, includes job listings, advice for students and faculty, links to instrument manufacturers, more

American Geophysical Union

Odds and ends

How to use a multimeter

Weights and Measures, Metric Conversions    Weights and Measures, Metric Conversions