Forest Ecophysiology Lab Personnel
School of Forest Resources and Conservation, University of Florida

PINEMAP Tier 3 Ecophysiology Crew, Spring 2012

Gator chomping at Southern Silvicultural Research Conference

Spring 2013

Goodbye Happy Hour for Allen Milligan, Spring 2013


Dr. Carlos Gonzalez, Oregon State University, leads a Vegetation Management Research Cooperative field tour, June 2018

Dr. Tim Martin, Professor

Ecophysiology Lab Alumni

Carlos Gonzalez, Ph.D. and Postdoc

Currently: Assistant Professor and Vegetation Management Research Cooperative Director, Oregon State University


Jessica Ireland, PINEMAP Project Coordinator

Currently: Natural Resources Leadership Institute


Maxwell Wightman, M.S.

Currently: Faculty Research Assistant, Oregon State University, Vegetation Management  Research Cooperative


Angelica Garcia, M.S.

Currently: Ph.D. Student, Sociology, University of Florida


Bora Imal

Visiting Scholar and Ph.D. Student, Istanbul University

Dr. Rosvel Bracho, Postdoctoral Associate, Florida AmeriFlux Project

Currently: Assistant Research Scientist, UF School of Forest Resources and Conservation

Dr. Joo Han Sung, Visiting Scholar, January - May 2009
Korea Forest Research Institute, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Brianna Miles, M.S. (Gary Peter, Major Advisor)
Thesis (2008): "Genetic analysis of stem hydraulic properties, foliar carbon isotope composition and growth in a pseudo-backcross population of Populus"
Currently: Research technician for Mike Ryan (USFS) and Dan Binkley (Colorado State University)

Dr. Gregory Starr, Assistant Research Scientist, Florida AmeriFlux project (2000-2007)
Currently: Associate Professor, University of Alabama Biology Department

Liliana Parisi, M.S.
Thesis (2006): "Shoot Elongation Patterns and Genetic Control of Second Year Height Growth in Pinus taeda L. Using Clonally Replicated Trials"

Dr. Rosana Clara Victoria Higa, Visiting Scholar 2005-2006
Embrapa (Empresa Brasileira de Pesquisa Agropecuária,
Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation)

Dr. Thomas Teklemariam, Postdoctoral Associate 2004-2006
Currently: Visiting Scientist, Air Quality Research Division, Science and Technology Branch,
Environment Canada

Veronica Emhart, Ph.D.
Dissertation (2005): "Physiological Genetics of Contrasting Loblolly and Slash Pine Families and Clones", Winner of Outstanding SFRC Dissertation
Currently: Tree Improvement researcher, Forestal Mininco, Chile

Emhart, V.I., T.A. Martin, T.L. White, and D.A. Huber. 2007. Clonal variation in crown structure, absorbed photosynthetically active radiation and growth of loblolly and slash pines. Tree Physiology 27:421-430.

Emhart, V.I., T.A. Martin, T.L. White, and D.A. Huber. 2006. Genetic variation in basal area increment phenology and its correlation with growth rate in loblolly and slash pine families and clones. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 36:961-971.

Maheteme Gebremedhin, M.S.
Thesis (2003): Variation in growth, water relations, gas exchange, and stable carbon isotope composition among clones of loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.) under water stress
Currently: Science & Engineering Alliance, Inc., Washington, DC

Luis Suau, M.F.R.C.
Technical Paper (2002): Accumulation of biomass and nitrogen in 18-year-old loblolly pine stands receiving fertilization and weed control
Currently: Assistant Professor, Shaw University

Vogel, J.G., L. Suau, T.A. Martin, and E.J. Jokela. 2011. Long term effects of weed control and fertilization on the carbon and nitrogen pools of a slash and loblolly pine forest in north central Florida. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 41:552-567.

Rob McGarvey, M.S.
Thesis (2000): A multi-scale comparison of photosynthetic capacity in fast- and slow-growing families of Pinus elliottii and Pinus taeda
Currently: Optometrist, Kapperman and White Eyecare, Chattanooga, TN

McGarvey, R.C., T.A. Martin, and T.L. White. 2004. Integrating within-crown variation in net photosynthesis in loblolly and slash pine families. Tree Physiology 24:1209-1220.

Jason Martin, Field Research Manager
Currently: Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago

Sean Gallagher, Field Research Manager
Currently: Forester, Florida Forest Service