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Core Faculty
Amr Abd-Elrahman
Damian C. Adams
Natural Resource Economics & Policy
Robert Ahrens Quantitative Fisheries Stock Assessment
Micheal S. Allen
Freshwater Fisheries Ecology
Michael G. Andreu
Forest Systems
Patrick K. Baker
Invertebrate Zoology/Malacology
Shirley M. Baker
Michael E. Bannister
Distance Education and Agroforestry
Grenville Barnes
Geomatics, Cadastral Studies /Land Tenure and Administration
Donald C.Behringer, Jr.
Marine Ecology & Diseases
Kimberly Bohn
Forest Ecology and Silviculture
Stephanie A. Bohlman Forest Ecology
Robert J. Buschbacher
Tropical Forestry
Daniel E. Canfield Jr.
Douglas R. Carter
Forest Economics and Management
Frank A. Chapman
Aquaculture; Sturgeon and Ornamental Fish
Charles E. Cichra
Fish Ecology and Management
Matthew J. Cohen Forest Water Resources / Hydrology
Wendell P. Cropper
Biological Process Modeling
John M. Davis
Forest Biotechnology and Molecular Biology
Bon Dewitt
Geomatics Lead Faculty, Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
Mary L. Duryea
Reforestation and Urban Forestry
Francisco J. Escobedo
Urban Forestry
Thomas K. Frazer
Aquatic Ecology
Salvador A. Gezan Quantitative Genetics/Biometrics
Karl E. Havens
Jeffrey E. Hill Non-native and Invasive Aquatic Animals
Henry (Hartwig) H. Hochmair Geomatics
Jiri Hulcr Forest Entomology
Eric J. Jokela
Silviculture, Forest Nutrition
Karen A. Kainer
Tropical Forestry
Matias Kirst
Quantitative Genetics
Leda N. Kobziar
Fire Science and Forest Conservation
William J. Lindberg
Marine Behavorial Ecology
Kai Lorenzen Integrative Fisheries Sciences
Timothy A. Martin
Tree Physiology
Carlos V. Martinez Ornamental Aquaculture
Patrick J. Minogue
Ahmed H. Mohamed
Geomatics, Navigation and Mapping
Martha C. Monroe
Environmental Education, Evaluation, and Wildland-Urban Interface Issues
Debra J. Murie
Marine Fisheries Ecology
P. K. Nair
Agroforestry / International Forestry
Cortney L. Ohs
Daryl C. Parkyn Eco-physiology/Behavior of Fishes
Gary F. Peter
Edward J. Phlips Algal Physiology and Ecology
Jason A. Smith
Forest Pathology
Scot E. Smith
Geomatics, Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems
Taylor V. Stein
Ecotourism, Human Dimensions of Natural Resource Management
Juliane Struve Spatial Fisheries Sciences
Leslie Sturmer Molluscan shellfish aquaculture
Robert A. Swett Boating and Waterway Planning Program
Carl J. Walters Fisheries Stock Assessment & Adaptive Mgmt
Craig Watson
Associate Director for Aquaculture Programs
Timothy L. White
Forest Genetics and SFRC Director
Roy P. Yanong Fish Health Management/Aquaculture
Affiliate Faculty

Joseph L. Aufmuth
Nicholas B. Comerford
Soils, Pant Nutrition
Carter R. Gilbert Ichthyology & Systematics
Alex E. S. Green
Wood Energy
Alan W. Hodges Economics, Forest Chemicals
Joseph C. Joyce Aquatic Plant Biology & Management
Kenneth A. Langeland Invasive Plant Biology & Management
Paul J. Linser
Richard D. Miles, Jr. Nutrition & Fish Feeding Management
Frank G. Nordlie Limnology and Fish Physiology
Holly K. Ober Forest Wildlife Management
Barbara Denise Petty Aquatic Animal Health
Francis E. Putz
William L. Stern  
Wood Anatomy
Courtesy Faculty  
Aaron J. Adams Aquatic Ecology
Janaka Alavalapati   Forest Economics
Marilyn D. Bachmann   Aquatic Ecology
Roger W. Bachmann   Limnology
John D. Baldwin   Fish Genetics
Jim Berkson   Population Dynamics, Natural Resource Modeling and Stock Assessment
Lindsay R. Boring  
Forest Ecology
Robert E. Carlson Limnology
Amanda W. J. Demopoulos Benthic Invertebrate Ecology
Joshua C. Dickinson, III Tropical Forestry
Carlos Duarte  
Henry L. Gholz Forest Ecology
Katerie Gladdys Art and Spatial Technology
Kathleen H. Hartman Aquaculture Epidemiology
Annie Hermansen-Baez
Wild-Urban Interface
Judson G. Isebrands
Phytoremediation, Poplar and Willow Improvement
Steven B. Jack Forest Ecology and Silviculture
Bashir A. Jama Agroforestry
Shibu Jose Forest Ecology/Silviculture/Agroforestry
B. Mohan Kumar Agroforestry & Silviculture
Kenneth M. Leber Marine Ecology & Fisheries Stock Enhancement
Joseph MacKenzie Forest Resource Management
Carrie Manfrino Coral Reef Ecology
Doran M. Mason Aquatic Ecology
A. E. "Bud" Mayfield Forest Entomology
Robert J. Mitchell Forest Ecology & Ecophysiology
Jose M. Mora Wildlife Biology
Maria Rosa Mosquera-Losada Silvopastoral Agroforestry & Ecology
C. Dana Nelson Tree Physiology/Biotechnology
Leo G. Nico Fish Biology & Ecology
Oghenekome U. Onokpise

Forest Biology

Leonard G. Pearlstine
Frank M. Place Agroforestry & Natural Reasource Policy
Kevin M. Robertson Fire Ecology
John Scarpa Molluscan Aquaculture
Mark D. Schulze
Tropical Silviculture
Michael A. Stamper Aquatic Animal Medicine
Scott P. Terrell Anatomic and Microscopic Pathology
Jason G. Vogel
Forest Ecology
Lucia H. O. Wadt
Forest Ecology/Forest Genetics
Stephen Walsh Fisheries Biology
Andrew H. Woolum  Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Wayne C. Zipperer
Urban Forestry
Joint Faculty
James D. Austin Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Ruth Francis-Floyd Fish Health Management/Aquaculture
William E. Pine  
Fish Ecology and Fisheries Management
Visiting Faculty

Subhrajit K. Saha Agroforestry, Forest Ecology
Emeritus Faculty 

Biometrics/Information Technology
Wiallace H. Clark, Jr. Marine Invertebrate Reproduction/Dev Biology
Katherine C. Ewel Wetland Ecology and Management
D. Mitch Flinchum Plant Taxomony/Wetland Ecology
David Gibson  
Geomatics, Land Information Systems and Surveying Practice
Ray Goddard Forest Genetics
Dudley A. Huber
Quantitative Genetics
Jacob Huffman Wood Technology
Alan J. Long
Forest Operations, Fire, Forestry Extension
Hans Riekerk Forest Hydrology
Donald L. Rockwood
Claire L. Schelske Limnology
Robert Schmidt
Forest Pathology
William Seaman, Jr. Coastal Fishes, Habitats and Fisheries
Jerome V. Shireman Aquaculture and Fisheries
Wayne H. Smith
Director (1995-2003)
K. R. Bob Swinford Mensuration, Management

star Adjunct Instructors  
John "Jack" Breed, P.L.S CivilSurv Design Group, Inc.
Lou Nash.

.Measutronics Corporation

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