Section IV- Wrapping Up

After completing activities in Section IV, students should be able to

  1. apply and extend knowledge about woody biomass in their community;
  2. critically analyze the meaning of sustainability and how this concept relates to woody biomass in their community;
  3. conduct research and prepare presentations; and
  4. synthesize knowledge and experiences gained through the completion of activities in Sections I, II, and III.

Activity 16: Considering Using Wood for Energy: A Role Play

 In this role play activity, students participate in a mock town-hall meeting where community leaders are seeking input on using wood for energy. Students play the roles of stakeholders and community leaders to examine various perspectives, concerns, and questions in the local community. This activity can serve as a culminating exercise for this unit.
Download Activity 16.  

Activity 17: Community Forum to Explore Using Wood for Energy

This activity summarizes and applies the knowledge students have acquired about using wood for energy and helps students facilitate public involvement in energy decisions. Students work in groups to plan and conduct a community forum in which they provide information to the public, answer questions, and discuss ideas and concerns. Students from other classes, parents, and community members can be invited to represent the public. Download Activity 17.  

Activity 18: Making Connections: Reflection Essay

Students draw a concept map to organize the factors that should be discussed when a community is considering using wood for energy. Students then write a one to two page essay. The essay should reflect their experiences with learning about the use of wood for energy and demonstrate their understanding of the issue’s complexity.  Download Activity 18.