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What is Environmental Education?
Environmental education is a process aimed at developing a world citizenry that is aware of and concerned about the total environment and its associated problems, and which has the knowledge, attitudes, motivations, commitments and skills to work individually and collectively toward the solutions of current programs and the prevention of new ones (Definition of environmental education from the Tbilisi Declaration in 1977). Similarly, Education for Sustainable Development imparts both knowledge and skills that empower citizens to understand complex issues and work toward enhancing social justice, ensuring appropriate economic development, and protecting environmental systems that sustain life (Pigozzi, MJ, UNESCO and the International Decade of Education for Sustainable Development, Connect 28, 1-7, 2003). No matter what you call it, this type of education is essential for youth and adults.

Who can I contact to learn more?
Martha Monroe, (352) 846-0878, mcmonroe@ufl.edu

Annie Oxarart, (352) 846-0144, oxarart@ufl.edu