SFRC Extension Specialists and Staff

The School’s Extension Programs are coordinated by faculty and staff with active extension programs in ecotourism, fisheries and aquatic sciences, forest stewardship, forest health, urban forestry, wildland-urban interface and youth education. Our aim is to expand current programs to emphasize non-traditional uses of forests, ecological functions of forests and water resources, wildland-urban interface issues, and integration of our forest and aquatic extension programs. Much of this is acheived with resources generated through creative partnering and grants.



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 Fisheries and Aquatic Resources – Freshwater, Coastal, Marine, and Aquaculture

Chuck Adams Marine aquaculture; Economic feasibility; Marketing (Food & Resource Economics Department) (352) 392-1826
ext 223
Shirley Baker Marine ecology; shellfish aquaculture (352) 273-3627
Frank Chapman Aquaculture (food and ornamental); Fish Reproduction;
Hatchery Mngmt; Vo-Ag Ed; Sturgeon (352) 273-3602
Chuck Cichra Youth Education; Water Quality;
Pond and Lake Mngmt;
Fee Fishing & Urban Fishing;
Environmental Education (352) 273-3621
Matt DiMaggio Ornamental aquaculture; baitfish (813) 671-5230 x 115
Sharon Fitz-Coy Fishing for Success; Youth education; Aquatic Invertebrate ID (352) 273-3622
Mark Flint Coastal and marine conservation; aquatic animal health; sea turtles (813) 415-6294
Ruth Francis-Floyd Aquatic Animal Health;
Fish Healt;h; Aquaponics; Ornamental ponds; Marine Mammals (352) 294-4197 
(352) 745-8295
Jeff Hill Non-Native Aquatic Species; Invasive Species;
Fish Identification; Aquaculture (813) 671-5230  x118 
Mark Hoyer Lake management and water quality (305) 276-3611  
Bill Lindberg Fisheries Habitat: Artificial Reefs (352) 273-3616  
Carlos Martinez Aquaculture; Fish Reproduction; Shrimp Culture; Hatchery Mngmt; Classroom Education; Aquatic Plant Control

(813) 671-5230 x 109

Cortney Ohs

Aquaculture & Nutrition;
Fish and Crustacean Production;
Classroom Education

(772) 468-3922

Josh Patterson Restoration aquaculture; citizen science (504) 797-4479
Debbie Pouder

Fish health and disease;

(813) 671-5230 ext 106  

Leslie Sturmer

Shellfish Aquaculture

(352) 486-5131

Bob Swett

Coastal Resource Mngmt;
Boating and Water Use  Planning & Mngmt; Geographic Information Technologies

(352) 392-6233

Huiping Yang Mollusk shellfish aquaculture (352) 294-0671
Roy Yanong

Aquatic Animal Health;
Fish Health and Disease;
Fish Kills; Aquaculture;
Aquarium Fish and Ponds

(813) 671-5230 x 104

Forests – Plantation, Natural, Urban and Wildland Interface

Michael Andreu

Urban Forestry; Fire; Bioenergy; Climate change; Forest Stewardship; Tropical Forest Mangement

(352) 846-0355

Adam Black Forest Health Diagnostic Lab Manager (352) 846-0810
Chris Demers

Forest Stewardship

(352) 846-2375

Francisco Escobedo

Urban and Community Forestry; Ecosystem services and soils; Hurricanes

(352) 846-0856

Tony Fedler

Conserved Forest Ecosystems

(352) 846-0546 

Jiri Hulcr Forest Entomology; citizen science (325) 273-0299 
Patrick Minogue

Forest Management
Herbicides; Woody Biomass

(850) 875-7142 

Nancy Peterson

Conserved Forests; Project Learning Tree

(352) 846-0848

Jason Smith

Forest Pathology; Urban Tree Health

(352) 846-0843 

Human Dimensions – Educators, Youth, Visitors, and Citizens

Martha Monroe Environmental Education;
Conservation Behavior; Program Evaluation; Climate Change

(352) 846-0878 

Annie Oxarart

Environmental Education;
Evaluation; Wildland Fire Outreach

(352) 846-0144

Taylor Stein

Ecotourism; CFEOR;
Nature-based Recreation;
Park Planning; Off Road Vehicles;
Human Dimensions of Natural Resource Mngmt

(352) 846-0860