Southern Toad

Anaxyrus terrestris

The Southern Toad is Florida's most common toad. They can be found in just about any type of habitat, ranging from damp hardwood forests, to open pinelands, to suburban neighborhoods throughout the state. They are normally brown in color but may be grey or even reddish-brown. They have numerous small, dark spots on their back with several warts within each spot. Contrary to old folklore, you cannot get warts if a toad "pees" on you. They have small crests on their head and a pair of enlarged poison glands on their shoulders. But unlike the invasive "Bufo" toad found in Central and South Florida, native Southern Toads are not harmful to people or pets. Females grow larger than males and most Southern Toads are 1-3 inches long. Being a toad, they are plump, have relatively short legs and hop around on the ground.

Photo credit: Dr. Steve A. Johnson, University of Florida


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