Green Treefrog

Hyla cinerea

These native frogs can be found all over Florida in natural habitats as well as around suburban homes. Like all of Florida's true treefrogs, they have enlarged toe tips that act as suction cups, allowing Green Treefrogs to climb trees and the sides of buildings. Most often this frog is bright green (frequently with small, yellow spots) and has a bold stripe down each side of its body, but it can change to dull green or slate grey. Adults are 1-3 inches long. This frog is most active in the summer and its distinctive call is common around lakes and ponds at night, especially after summer rains. Like other Florida frogs, Green Treefrogs mainly eat insects. During the heat of the day they sit with their legs tight to their body to conserve moisture.

Photo credit: Dr. Steve A. Johnson, University of Florida


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