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The Florida Forestry Series includes three project books and a leader'd guide. The series was developed to help youth learn about and explore the amazing world of trees and forests in Florida.

  • The project books can be used by an individual child with the help of a sponsor or by a 4-H club, classroom, family or camp.
  • The activities were designed to include the three basic stages of the Experiential Learning Model: Do, Reflect, and Apply.
  • Check the Florida 4-H Forestry Project PDF for more information and ideas!

Adopt A TreeAdopt A Tree

Written for youth, ages 6-9, this short book features a local tree, which they are directed to observe, measure, draw, map, compare leaves, rub bark, and imagine as a home for wildlife.  Large spaces for drawing and discussion questions to guide the project helper are included. Click here to download a pdf of this book.


Trees and MeTrees and Me

This project book provides information, experiments, and fun activities for youth ages 8-12 to get to know their neighborhood trees.  Ever wonder how trees grow?  How paper is made? Where the rings on trees come from?  Did you ever want to make some food with tree ingredients?  This book introduces youth to the process of tree identification and the use of a key.  They will get to know 18 dominant trees that represent each of Florida's major forest ecosystems. Click here to download a pdf of this book.


Florida's Fabulous ForestsFlorida's Fabulous Forests

Youth ages 10-16 will find a variety of challenging activities in this project book.  Designed to encourage young people to explore different forest ecosystems near their home, the booklet covers ecosystem features such as soil, water, wildlife, and fire.  It includes information about the urban forest and pine plantations as two human-manipulated forest systems, as wells as the eight natural forest ecosystems.  Survey your neighbors, collect information about urban forest health, make forest insect models, design a firewise landscape, remove invasive plants from a natural area, develop an interpretive trail for a local forest or your backyard... and more. Click here to download a pdf of this book.

Leader Guide

Provides background information and suggestions for assisting youth the activities in each book.  Click here to download a pdf of this guide.