Who We Are

An interdisciplinary group of experts in entomology, pathology, dendrology, economics, and law, committed to use a coordinated, team approach to research and to provide outreach on emerging threats to forests.

What We Do

• Identify and understand new threats to forest health and productivity before they become unmanageable
• Provide data to inform decisions on preventing new pest and disease establishment
• Develop tools to avoid or mitigate devastating and irreversible impacts
• Restore and protect impacted forests and their ecological, social and economic value

Why it Matters

American forests are increasingly suffering from emerging invasive pests and diseases with important economic, ecological, aesthetic and cultural impacts. Introduced tree diseases vectored and wood borers nearly eradicated a number of American tree species and are now threatening crops such as walnuts, avocados and mangoes. To curb the increasingly frequent establishment of exotic pest and diseases, a new approach is needed: one that is proactive and interdisciplinary.

Projects and Current Research at the University of Florida

Frontiers in Forest Health : Upcoming Seminars

Bruce Moltzan, PhD - October 30, 2015

Chief pathologist for the USDA Forest Service Forest Health Protection, Washington D.C. Dr Moltzan will explain how new research gets incorporated into decision-making, and will illuminate the evolution of relationships between agencies that are protecting forests from emerging threats.

View the Recorded Seminar

Dr. Brian Kopper - March 15, 2016

National Field Operations Manager for Pest Detection

3:00pm, Newins-Ziegler Hall Room 122

Frontiers in Forest Health : Past Seminars

Reuben Hofshi & Mary Lu Arpaia - December 3, 2014

"Are avocados and wild Lauraceae doomed or not? Update on Laurel wilt and Fusarium dieback in FL and CA"

Dr. Sergio Alvarez, PhD - July 17, 2014

"State efforts to manage and estimate costs of invasive species in Florida: Example of tree termites"

Our Team