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Our online degree and certificate programs can offer you all the perks of a traditional education–the world-renowned expertise of faculty, the prestige of joining the Gator Nation, and quality of our classes–without requiring you to make a full-time change in your daily life. Busy professionals and parents can take classes at your own pace and watch lectures from the comfort of your own home, on your own time.

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  • Which kind of program is right for you?
    • Degrees range from 30-32 credits, with optional concentrations. You must formally apply to graduate school, have an advisor, and pass a final exam.
    • Certificates range from 9-15 credits and can be combined with any UF degree or taken independently. Application is easy and the programs are coursework-only.
  • Talk to support staff if you need more information or assistance
  • Review tuition and fees
  • Browse faculty profiles for an advisor
  • Technology Requirements for Online Programs

    There are some technical requirements/expectations that you will need to meet in order to be successful in our programs. Requirements will vary with each course, but in general, you need:

    Item Details
    Computer: See the UF Computing Requirements for details
    Internet: High-speed. DSL may not be sufficient for viewing videos and lectures. It is recommended that you take all exams/quizzes from non-wireless high-speed connections.
    Browser: Latest versions of multiple web browsers, e.g. Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari. Some delivery methods work better in different browsers. Canvas only supports the latest two versions of any given browser.What browser am I using?
    Software: MS Office Suite, Antivirus, Updated Java and Flash, media player(s). How to get these as a student.
    Other: Use of a webcam and microphone is often required for assignments or chat sessions. On rare occasions you may need a camera for field photography.

    Review our technology requirements

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An online degree from the SFRC is identical and equivalent to any other non-thesis degree we offer.

The University of Florida is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and thus all UF degree programs carry this accreditation and are held to very high peer-review and approval processes during the development of courses and programs.

Our online program are designed to be consistent with the on-campus versions of the same courses. Courses are centered around environmental science and natural resources, whether these resources are primarily aquatic/marine, forests/land, or even space, measurement, and mapping. You even have the option to attend week-long field courses in the US and internationally!

Support for Online Students

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As an online student in the SFRC, you will become part of the Distance Education Students online group, where you can participate in orientation, interact with your cohorts, and access tutorials and trainings on the UF e-Learning system and tools.

Our team is here specifically to assist you with your needs as an online student and to ensure that the courses we deliver are high-quality, engaging, and produce the learning outcomes we intend to help you achieve.

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Fall 2015 starts August 24
Spring 2016 starts January 5
Summer 2016 starts May 9


I had previously been skeptical of online programs. I was wrong and was immensely pleased to have received such a thorough and dynamic education through the SFRC online program.”

Former Student, Project Manager with The Conservation Fund