Past Projects

Since the establishment of CFEOR in 2007, investigators at the University of Florida, and partnering agencies and institutions, have conducted research on a wide array of forest, water and outdoor recreation topics. Other projects have focused on training and mentoring graduate students and natural resource professionals.

YearProject TitleInvestigatorsFunding AgencyMore information
2014Assessing Impacts of Development Design on Wildfire Hazard within the Wildland Interface.Scott Rothberg, University of FloridaGilchrist ClubUpdates Newsletter article
2014Public Preferences for Forest Conservation to Protect Water QualityMelissa Kreye, Damian Adams, University of FloridaPINEMAP and SFRCUpdates Newsletter article
2013Modeling Stand Conversion Using Forest Vegetation SimulationAjay Sharma, Kimberly BohnIn-kind funding
2013Assessment of Groundcover Response and Tree Regeneration Following Harvesting:
Developing Adaptive Management Strategies for Ecosystems in Transition
Kimberly Bohn, University of FloridaFlorida DEP
2011Maximizing Wiregrass Reproduction for Restoration Purposes Kimberly Bohn, University of FloridaIn-kind funding provided by NWFWMD.
2011Ground Cover Restoration in Flatwood Longleaf Pine Communities: Assessment of seed bank and its implicationsKimberly Bohn and Ajay Sharma, University of Florida
2011Flatwoods species responses to restoration treatment and season: Trajectory, success, and longevity of fire and roller chopping in fire-suppressed areasLeda Kobziar and Adam Watts, University of Florida
2010Natural Areas Training AcademyProject Page
2010An Improved Seedlot Screening Method for Detection of the Pitch Canker PathogenJason Smith, University of Florida In kind funding provided by DOF
2010Effect of Fire Size and Severity on Subsequent Fires Using DNBRChristine Staudhammer et al., University of Florida,USDA Forest Service
2010Mechanical Mastication as a Fuels Treatment Method in Pine FlatwoodsLeda Kobziar, University of FloridaUSDA Forest ServiceData Results Booklet
2010Southern Fire Exchange: Putting Fire Science on the GroundLeda Kobziar, University of FloridaFlorida Division of ForestryJoint Fire Science Program
2010Springs Basin Working GroupPeter Colverson, Andrea Albertin and Ondine Wells, Pandion Inc. and Matt Cohen, University of FloridaFlorida DEPUpdates Newsletter article
2010 Groundcover Restoration in Pine Flatwood Ecosystems of FloridaWilliam M. Giuliano and Emma Wilcox, University of FloridaNWFWMD and SRWMDNewsletter Article
2009Stewardship Ecosystem Services StudyFrancisco Escobedo, University of FloridaFlorida Division of ForestryFull Report
2009Economic Impact Analysis of Woody Biomass Utilization for Bioenergy in Florida Frederick J. Rossi and Douglas R. Carter, University of Florida; and Robert C. Abt, North Carolina State UniversityFlorida Division of ForestryProject Report
2008Assessment and Compilation of Understory Vegetation Restoration Techniques Applicable to Forests of the SoutheastHolly Ober and Jennifer Trusty, University of FloridaFlorida Park Service, Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, SRWMD, SWFWMDProject Page
2008 Developing Adaptive Management Strategies for Ecosystems in Transition: A Collaborative Research Project of Cooperative for Conserved Forest EcosystemsKimberly Bohn, University of FloridaFWC, SRWMD, NFWMD, DOF, Florida Park ServiceProject Page
2007Ocala National Forest Off-Highway Vehicle Visitor AssessmentTaylor Stein, University of FloridaFlorida Division of ForestryProject Report
2007Visitors' Preferences and Economic Impact Assessment of OHV Recreation in FloridaGregory Parent, Janaki Alavalapati, Taylor V. Stein, and Alan W. Hodges, University of FloridaDivision of ForestryProject Report
2007Florida National Scenic Trail User Assessment and Marketing StudyTaylor Stein, University of FloridaUSDA National Forests of FloridaProject Report
2007Understanding the Human Dimensions of OHV Recreation on the Ocala National ForestTaylor Stein, University of FloridaFlorida Division of ForestryProject Report
2007Spatial Nutrient Loading in the Newnan’s Lake WatershedMatthew Cohen, University of FloridaSt John's Water River Water Management DistrictProject Abstract

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