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CFEOR is excited to announce the completion (September 2009) of our first short-term Signature Project: a handbook/guide on the state of the science and art of understory vegetation restoration techniques within forests of the Southeastern U.S. The complete handbook Groundcover Restoration in Forests of the Southeastern United States is available FREE as a PDF.

Interest in restoring the composition, structure, and ecological functioning of the understory component of forest ecosystems has grown in recent years. Descriptions of effective restoration methods and results can be difficult to find, as they are published within a diverse array of scientific journals and agency project reports. CFEOR scientists recognized that a compilation of the lessons learned, and a catalogue of existing restoration project sites would provide current land managers a needed reference and guide as they plan for future restoration activities.

The handbook, Groundcover Restoration in Forests of the Southeastern United States, was compiled by Jennifer Trusty and Holly Ober at the North Florida Research & Education Center in Quincy, FL. The book has two parts. Part I provides a summary of what has been learned by land managers and researchers through trial and error. Chapters in part I discuss how to plan for a groundcover restoration project, how to implement a groundcover restoration project, how to tailor restoration strategies to initial site conditions, important considerations likely to lead to successful groundcover establishment, and the costs associated with groundcover restoration. Part II provides resources that should help get the job done. Much of the information that currently exists on groundcover restoration has not yet been published, so these chapters provide information that should increase the ability of landowners to learn directly from one another. Information in part II includes locations of current ground cover restoration projects, contact information for individuals involved in these restoration efforts, descriptions of different types of forest communities, lists of plant species found in forest communities of the southeastern US, and a comprehensive bibliography.

We would like to say a special thank you to the funders of this project:
Florida Department of Environmental Protection/Park Service
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Northwest Florida Water Management District
Suwannee River Water Management District
Southwest Florida Water Management District

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