Our Mission

To develop and disseminate knowledge needed to conserve and manage Florida's forests as healthy, working ecosystems that provide social, ecological and economic benefits on a sustainable basis.

CFEOR Research/Outreach Focus

A team of multi-disciplinary researchers/extension specialists in cooperation with stakeholders and partners will conduct basic and applied research on the following issues and develop applications to further the health and sustainability of forest ecosystems:

  • Restoring Florida forest ecosystems
  • Evaluating water quality and quantity
  • Valuing forest ecosystems
  • Assessing visitors & recreation management strategies
  • Promoting biodiversity, wildlife and fish populations
  • Controlling invasive, exotic species
  • Cost effective conservation planning through public-private ventures
  • Exploring innovative market opportunities
  • Understanding and using prescribed fire
  • Enhancing threatened and endangered species

New and existing knowledge of these issues will be disseminated by:

  • Hosting workshops, seminars and presenting at conferences
  • Developing practical applications for cooperative members
  • Serving as a clearing house for new information
  • Enhancing communication among stakeholders
  • Facilitating access to technical expertise and information

Need for CFEOR

  • Half of Florida's land base is forested with changing landownership and objectives
  • Immense need for scientifically derived management strategies
  • Research issues requiring multidisciplinary expertise, multi-institutional support and long-term efforts
  • Communications, training and technology transfer among scientists and research professionals



CFEOR Mission Venn Diagram

Our goal is to facilitate integrative research and outreach activities with particular interest in public and family forests.