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Inland Fisheries Management, 3rd Edition. Allen and Hightower chapter spreadsheets:

von Bertalanffy growth curve

Yield-per-recruit model

Catch-at-age model

Striped Bass yield-per-recruit model

Striped Bass time dynamic model


FAS 6337C Fish Population Dynamics 4 credits
This course is taught during Spring semester of odd years. The course demonstrates the analysis of fish populations for management purposes. Methods for estimating age, growth, recruitment, and mortality of exploited fishes will be demonstrated. Students will use population parameters and existing computer models to predict yield and catch composition for recreational or commercial fisheries. The use of bioenergetics models for fisheries management problems will also be presented. This course is intended for graduate students in FAS or other natural-resource management departments. Prerequisites are STA 6166 or higher, or consent of instructor. Email M Allen for info about this course.

Black Crappie


ALS 5932 Ecological Statistics 3 credits
This course is taught during Fall semster every year. A graduate level course that demonstrates common statistical methods used in ecological field studies. The course includes sections on measures of species richness, diversity, eveness. Experimental design for ecological monitoring programs is emphasized, and data analysis methods including both frequentist (e.g., regression and ANOVA), maximum likelihood,
and Bayesian approaches are used. This course is team taught by faculty in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, Forestry, and the Statistics departments at UF. For more information, visit Dr. Bill Pine's page at:

Eco Stat website


Bucket of Largemouth

FAS 5276 C Field Ecology of Aquatic Organisms 4 credits
This summer term course is a field-oriented split-level course that investigates the diverse aquatic habitats found in Florida. Students gain an understanding of plant and animal community structure across a range of lakes, rivers and coastal marshes. Extensive field trips are required and encompass about 3/4 of the total class time. This course is taught by Ph.D. students with help of Drs. Allen, Frazer, and Pine. Enrollment includes advanced undergraduates and beginning graduate students.

Redbreast Sunfish