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Our research program addresses fish population and community responses to changes in fishing mortality, habitat, and species interactions. We have worked on a variety of fish and fisheries issues in lake, reservoir, river, and marine environments. We utilize a combination of field collections and population modeling to predict how fish populations respond to fishing regulations and variation in habitat quantity and quality.

Thanks to current and former Allen Lab members for a great turnout at the 2014 meeting of the Southern Division of the American Fisheries Society in Charleston, SC!

Back row (left to right): Nick Cole, Drew Dutterer, Jason Dotson, Matt Catalano, Aaron Bunch, Patrick O'Rourke, Zack Siders, Kevin Dockendorf, Tim Bonvechio, Zak Slagle, Jordan Skaggs

Front row (left to right): John Hargrove, Janice Kerns, Linda Lombardi, Jared Flowers, Mike Allen, Patrick Cooney, Ryan Jiorle, Stephanie Shaw, Nick Tripple

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