Species Selection

All of the commonly-used southern pines grow in Florida.  These include slash pine, longleaf pine, loblolly pine, and sand pine.  Other pines that grow in Florida, which have little commercial value, include pond pine, spruce pine, and shortleaf pine.  Read the Extension publication, Common Pines of Florida, for additional in-depth information about these and other pine species of Florida.

pineSteps in Selecting a Species

  1. Identify all species that are suited to the site (average conditions).
    • potential for germination
    • potential for survival and establishment
    • potential for good growth rates
    • potential for mature trees to set seed

    For general information on the types of soils that support the major timber species, see our Guide to Soils in which to Grow Timber Species page or the SREF Publication, Soil pH and Tree Species Suitability.

  2. Determine what local pests and/or diseases might hinder the success of the plantation.

Whatever the goals and objectives you have for your land, the species to grow should be selected carefully.  Advice on the appropriate species for a particular site is available.  Public or private foresters in your region can help you with this very important task.  Check our Consulting Foresters page for addresses and phone numbers (and Web sites where available) of public and private foresters, or find your Florida Forest Service County Forester.