Recreation Management

The tremendous human population growth expected in the coming decades in Florida will likely result in higher land values and increased development potential. In order to maintain forest or agricultural lands, property owners may need to consider multiple uses for their lands.  One possible alternative for increasing the value of "undeveloped" land is leasing the property for various recreational uses such as hunting, camping, fishing and other activities which result in minimal impact on the area. 

For more information, read the University of Florida Extension Publication: Recreation Options for Your Forestland.


Ecotourism is a growing opportunity for rural landowners in Florida as an increasing number of people are in search of recreational opportunities in natural areas.  With proper planning, landowners providing these types of recreational opportunties can generate supplemental income. See these Web sites and publications about ecoutourism opportunities in Florida:

University of Florida SFRC Extension

Other Sites

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Trails and Walkways

Trails are the most common improvements made to facilitate recreation.  Forest trails are used as part of the recreational experience, or as a means to reach a recreational setting such as a hunting area. 

When planning a trail system for your property, you should answer the following questions: 

  1. What is the purpose of the trail system?
  2. How extensive will the trail system be?
  3. Who will use the trails?
  4. How much will the trails be used?
  5. Will there be any potential conflicts between users?
  6. Where will access and parking be located?
  7. Will any supporting facilities (garbage cans or restrooms) be provided?

University of Florida Extension Publication

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Hunting Leases

Leasing land for hunting purposes is becoming a more popular option for landowners in the South.  The benefits range from increased income to better guardianship of the land by frequent lessee use.

University of Florida Extension Publication

If you are interested in organizing hunting lease arrangements on your land, there are several things that you can do to provide the appropriate food and cover for wildlife on your property.  See our Wildlife Management page for more information.

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