Forest Stewardship Polycom Videoconference:
Forest Fertilization - Worth the Investment?

Program was June 27, 2007 - download materials below

Research has shown that, on many soils, early and/or mid-rotation fertilization of forest stands can increase growth of timber into higher-valued forest products and therefore financial returns for the landowner. Using the CRIFF classification system as a guideline we will provide landowners with tools they can use to begin the process of determining, based on their own objectives, soils and stand conditions, whether fertilization would be a cost-effective practice in their timber stand(s).  The program agenda will include: discussion about fertilizer materials, current costs, application techniques, the effects of pine straw harvests on stand nutrients, Silviculture Best Management Practices related to fertilization and other topics. Materials are below. Questions can be directed to Chris Demers, 352-846-2375, 

Download / Print Materials

  1. Program agenda and presenter contacts (2 pages)
  2. Dr. Eric Jokela's Presentation Notes (3 pages)
  3. Using Soils to Guide Fertilizer Recommendations for Southern Pines (13 pages)
  4. Dr. Alan Long's Presentation Notes (3 pages)
  5. Dr. Patrick Minogue: Nitrate Monitoring Following Forest Fertilization in the Suwannee Valley Region of North Florida and Implications for Best Management Practices (3 pages)
  6. Dr. Rick Williams' Forest Fertilization Summary from WFREC (1 page)
  7. Forest Stewardship Program Sponsor page (1 page)

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