This site has undergone many changes since its start around 1998. Florida Forestry Information began as a graduate project and I thank Dr. Alan Long for the opportunity to pursue it as part of my graduate studies at the SFRC, and now as a part of my position as UF Forest Stewardship Coordinator. Dr. Long's contributions to the forestry profession are many and the guidance he has provided me over the years has been tremendous. He is an outstanding leader, communicator, and educator. Dr. Michael Andreu is now the PI for the Forest Stewardship Program. Funding and support of this project continues to be provided by the Florida Forest Service, UF-IFAS and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Many thanks to Larry Korhnak for his time and patience with me as I became a budding young webmaster and all the staff at UF/IFAS and SFRC for maintaining the increasingly complex electronic domain from which this site operates. Winnie Lante currently maintains and operates this part of the system.

There are many people working behind the scenes at IFAS Communication Services to get the information and resources produced by Extension faculty to end users across the state, nation and world. The new Solutions For Your Life (SFYL) Web site, the template of which Florida Forestry Information now follows, is a dynamic, growing Internet resource with dedicated faculty and staff constantly adding and updating pages. Ashley Wood, Liz Felter, Legia Ortega, Erin McKenna, Jennifer Hugus, to name a few, have all been instrumental in getting this site into the new format and linking our resources on SFYL.

Recognition goes to all of the faculty, staff, students, agency staff, landowners, natural resource professionals, businesses and others who have contributed in some way to this site. All ideas, feedback and contacts have been very helpful in keeping the site useful, current and relevant. Keep them coming.

My very good, long-time friend David Beers inspired me to create a forestry information web site for Florida. His Maine Woodlot Assistance gave me the idea.

Last but not least, I thank my family. My parents, Leo and Judith Demers, have supported my every venture and aspiration. My in-laws, Mike and Mary Agnes Goldwire, have also provided much love and support over the last several years. Finally, I appreciate the everlasting support of Julie Anne Ferguson Demers--my best friend, partner, and wife--and my wonderful children, Magnolia and David.

--Chris Demers, Webmaster